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Our mission is ultimately to conserve the environment that sustains us and this philosophy guides everything that we do.

Exclusive Multi-Day Wilderness Experiences

Immerse yourself in nature with our exclusive multi-day experiences with our experienced guides at Wild Bush Luxury or The Maria Island Walk. Experience Australia’s iconic landscapes such as Bamurru Plains in the Northern Territory, Flinders Rangers in South Australia or Maria Island just off the coast of Tasmania.

I recommend everything about Wild Bush Luxury. The regions, the camps, the eco sustainable factors and the luxury. Thank you, Wild Bush Luxury for making me and all my clients happy with your wonderful properties.

Susan QWild Bush Luxury - Arkaba

Loved it. What an amazing experience. Escapism to the wonderful wildlife, peaceful scenery. Was a wonderful break, met great people, fun and interesting excursions

Karen ZWild Bush Luxury - Arkaba

Fabulous in every way. Surpassed all expectations.
Beautiful, pristine environment to explore on foot in a sustainable way. Thank you

ChristineThe Maria Island Walk

The views were breathtaking, the accommodation was secluded and surprisingly comfortable. The food and wine was delectable, not once did we want for anything more than we received.

Kate DThe Maria Island Walk

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The Maria Island Walk

Wild Bush Luxury

The Maria Island Walk

The Maria Island Walk delivers a multi-day walking experience which allows guests to immerse themselves in the stunning natural landscapes and learn about the fascinating history and the flora and fauna of the island which lies off Tasmania’s east coast.

Wild Bush

Wild Bush Luxury

The Wild Bush Luxury brand, which includes a range of premium walks from Arkaba Homestead in the stunning Flinders Ranges, and wildlife and fishing safaris from Bamurru Plains Safari Lodge on the Mary River Wetlands, offers guests the chance to connect to the bush through experiences that are quintessentially Australian.

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