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We are honoured to announce the launch of the brand new Reef Magic pontoon, Remoora. This all-weather pontoon is the newest and most technologically advanced pontoon on the Great Barrier Reef, and is designed and built for a sustainable future. At over 1003sqm, with three levels and with a daily capacity of 250 guests, this pontoon will be perfect for a day on the reef to escape the crowds. With 18 solar panels and 3 wind turbines, this pontoon will be powered using sustainable energy, and is set to be anchored using the same moorings as the old Marine World pontoon to preserve the reef.ย 

Our new pontoon has a fully functioning scientific lab where reef research and projects will be conducted. Our amazing Marine Biologists are working hard down there, researching and providing tailored educational tours. Some of the fun activities you can experience include: fish feeding, introductory and certified diving, guided snorkel tours, one of the largest helmet diving circuits on the Great Barrier Reef, an air-conditioned underwater observatory and a huge sundeck with sun loungers.

The Reef Magic pontoon, Remoora will be making its way to Moore Reef in early April, where guests can enjoy the beauty of a vibrant reef and state of the art facilities.ย