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Dan Pierce is this month’s Escape the Ordinary winner. Dan was nominated several times for stepping up during both flooding events in the Byron Bay Drop Zone. 
One of his colleagues said,  “Dan had been a true leader during the floods in Byron. Without a Drop Zone and with many staff flooded in – including him, he has been exceptional in communicating, leading the recovery and leading by example with a team work culture.   In addition he has gone above and beyond in his role in dealing with insurers, quotes and other issues that would normally never be assumed to be part of his role. He has had many comments from the team and others who fully respect him and his actions.”
Dan, we all appreciate your efforts and congratulate you on being nominated by your peers for the Escape the Ordinary winner for March 2022. Well done.

If you would like to nominate someone for April’s ‘Escape the Ordinary’, click the link here.