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In late FY22 we partnered with Upparel to find a sustainable way to recycle our old staff uniforms from Skydive Australia, Reef Magic, Big Cat Green Island, Fitzroy Island Adventures and more. This partnership continued to grow in FY23, as we made it easier for our staff to book in old uniforms, parachutes, harnesses and any textile that would have been binned!

As a result, we are officially the first Skydive company in Australia to recycle parachutes with Upparel! We’ve recycled nearly 200kgs of old parachutes and harnesses as a result!

UPPAREL is Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading textile recycling company. They take old and unusable textiles, process them and give them new life, creating cushion-like fibre, which is then used as filling for furniture, insulation and more. Recently, Upparel introduced a new product – UPtex, a completely circular material which can be used for signage, homewares, acoustic panelling and packaging. 

We chose Upparel as a B Corp Certified company, due to their transparent and trackable way of doing business, so we could ensure real change was being made for future generations. As a result in the last financial year we’ve recycled 272kg of textiles, diverted from landfill and given new life. This means 950kg of greenhouse gases have been prevented from polluting our atmosphere.