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We would like to extend a huge congratulations to Jeff Carter, who celebrated 17 years at Experience Co earlier this month.

Jeff first began working for Raging Thunder in the rafting sector over 17 years ago, before the business was acquired by Experience Co. Since then, Jeff has held a number of roles, such as  a sea kayaking guide, deck hand, coxswain, tour guide, rafting guide, relief Duty Manager, beach hire supervisor, assisted with the start-up of Fitzroy Island & implemented nature walks!

Jeff completed his Master 5 and MED in 2013. He was a Master 5 for 8 years, and then completed his Master 4 in 2021.

In 2016 when Experience Co took over Raging Thunder, Jeff was able to gain further skills by being able to work on different vessels within the company, expanding his knowledge within other reefs and destinations on the reef.

Jeff had the following to say about his career:

โ€œThroughout my working life within the company, I have enjoyed every position I have held. I have met some amazing staff and made life-long friends. My biggest highlight has been gaining my Master 4 and the opportunities that this has given me and my family.โ€

Congratulations on 17 amazing years of service, Jeff!