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For the past few years, NZONE has had its very own nursery located at its drop zone.

Here, native plants are nurtured and grown to a size where they can be planted to enhance the natural environment around their drop zones in Wanaka, Queenstown and Glenorchy.

In time, the plants and trees nurtured by our team in New Zealand will grow to offset some of the carbon emissions from the business!ย 

Initially, 200 native seedlings were purchased and then repotted to PB3 bags and placed in the nursery. They have subsequently been planted around the drop zones.

The plant types included:

  • Pittosporums
  • Flax
  • Tussock
  • Kohai
  • Hebes
  • Lancewoods
  • Beech trees

This year, we are back to Stage 1 again and this spring we will be propagating seeds in a greenhouse situated outside the hangar to be loved and nurtured by the ground crew.ย 

The goal is to propagate around 300 seeds to seedling stage.

Stage 2 will be to have the seedlings spend some time growing in the nursery.

Stage 3 will be to repot to PB3 bags and then grow in the nursery to a size where they are suitable for planting.

Well done team NZONE – we hope that this can inspire some of our other drop zones to create their very own nurseries!ย