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On behalf of Experience Co, we’d like to extend a huge congratulations to Ryan Roche, who will be celebrating 13 years of service with Experience Co this month.

Having first commenced working with Skydive Australia back in 2009 as a line pilot from the flagship Wollongong location, Ryan says that watching the company’s transition into the Experience Co brand has been “an amazing journey”

“The challenge of professionalising the jump pilot industry, immersing myself in the adventure tourism industry and having the pleasure of working alongside some of the industry’s most experienced Tandem Masters, Pilots, Engineers and Technical staff as well as the lure of operating out of my home aerodrome on the South Coast of NSW was simply too hard to pass up. Since 2009, I have transitioned through many roles, having eventually landed in my current role of General Manager Aviation a few years back, overseeing a fleet of almost 30 aircraft, with the support of an amazing team of professionals.”

To Ryan, the most rewarding part of his job are the incredible people he works alongside and the professionalism and passion they exude in their day to day activities to ensure EXP is able to deliver our world class experiences to our customers.

“I am super passionate about providing career pathways to those entering the aviation industry and I take great pleasure in developing and supporting those individuals to ensure they achieve their career ambitions. I am also an individual that just cannot sit still, so having a job that constantly challenges me, taking me out of my comfort zone is vitally important. Through my time with EXP, I have been afforded the opportunity to visit some of the most spectacular landscapes this great country has to offer and establish lifelong friendships along the way.” 

Thank you so much for your service, Ryan!