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Last year we became aware of a huuuuge pile of old Skydive Australia uniforms at Byron Bay, that was unable to be worn or donated due to the old branding. The team at Byron managed to reduce a 500kg+ pile to 150kg, by turning these into rags for aircraft maintenance crew to use. So what happened to the remaining 152kg? In a sustainability initiative, we partnered with Upparel, to get this textile pile recycled and reused.

Upparel are a B Certified Corporation, and are revolutionising the way textiles are up-cycled. By diverting 152kg of textiles we prevented 533.75kg of greenhouse gas emissions from polluting our atmosphere. Recently we found another huge pile of uniforms needing recycling in the Cairns office. These old Reef Magic uniforms have been boxed up and shipped to the Upparel warehouse, ready to be processed, recycled and turned into something new!

We’re excited to be making improvements in the sustainability space and have some exciting projects planned to become a more sustainable business.